Forex Regulation

Below is a listing of regulatory authorities from around the world that regulate forex trading. Regulation is important as forex brokers are required to operate under certain guidelines. Some countries forex trading regulation is more stringent than some other countries especially off shore countries. We see the following countries as the preferred countries in which to select and trade with brokers regulated by these regulatory authorities.

Preferred Countries Regulatory Authorities:

United Kingdom
United States

Trading with forex brokers regulated from regulatory authorities from the above countries are under stringent monitoring and vigilance. Therefore when signing up with a broker the regulatory authority they are authorised and regulated by is usually listed on their web site. If you cannot find the information on their web site make sure you contact them before by signing up to trade with them.

Regulatory Authority Country
Australian Securities and Investment Commission Australia
Ontario Securities Commission Canada
Danish FSA Denmark


Financial Services Agency Japan
Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers Switzerland
Swiss Federal Department of Finance Switzerland
Financial Conduct Authority United Kingdom
Securities and Exchanges Commission United States
Commodities and Futures Trading Commission United States
National Futures Association United States