Forex Broker Rebates

What are forex Broker rebates? Certain Forex Brokers offer rebates for trading forex with them. FX broker rebates are cash back for every trade you place while keeping the same spreads and trading conditions of your account. One service that provides a listing of Forex Brokers offering Forex brokers rebates for clients is CashBack Forex.

How does the Cashback Forex rebate service operate?
When you open an account with one of their registered forex broker accounts the FX broker pays part of their spread or commission on your trade as compensation for referring you to them. CashbackForex than share the majority of the revenue with you the trader. The good thing about the rebates is that your current spreads and commissions remain the same. The only difference is: as a Cashback client you earn extra cash per trade, making trading through us more profitable than opening direct with the broker.

How to Start
Go to Cashback Forex and sign up and then choose a broker.

How much will you earn?

Forex Broker Rebate Rates

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